Global Crisis: Cause and Healing

I found out the true cause of the Global Crisis in 1991 and started a campaign 1992 to inform the public about it, about the „Collective Civilization Neurosis“ (CCN) and its natural way of healing by self-development, by completing the puberty with the mental aspect, which is omitted in the western civilized society.

The civilized society suffers from the CCN since abt. 10.000 years, from the beginning of civilization. The Romans finally brought it to Europe and then it was brought to overseas in the 15th century.

Some people know, that they are – „a little“- neurotic. But the neurotic people are not able to see the true extent of their being neurotic. Only healed people can see the – very big – difference.

The Collective Civilization Neurosis (CCN) „explodes“ in Collective Psychosises from time to time, due to (too) high potentials of suppressed life force energy (feelings, thoughts, needs, trauma, etc.).

The 2nd world war or the time 1933-45 has been named a „Collective Psychosis“. And a similar catastrophy might happen again, soon, if the civilized society does not get aware of the true cause and makes efforts to really HEAL it.

Mankind has to learn that a collective neurosis can happen and has to heal it and to make sure that it will never happen again – or might be destroyed.

Since 1992 I have put together a list of books that contain information to this problem. The list can be found on my website – in German.

Some information in English you will find on TWITTER in the account of Wolfgang Heuer @heureka47 and /or on FACEBOOK (heureka47).

Imagine, how many people were victims of the last Collective Psychosis and you will get an idea of how many poeple we can save when healing the CCN…

Thank you for your kind attention.


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